The fantastic Night Out scheme

Tuesday , 7 March 2016.

“The Arts Council of Wales' Night Out scheme works in partnership with the local authorities to help groups of volunteers across Wales bring the arts to the heart of their communities.
Community groups (known as Promoters) can choose from a huge range of great professional performers and put them on in community or village halls and other non traditional venues across the country.”

What this means is that if you wanted to have Aderyn Prin play at your community Ceilidh, for example in your village hall, but were worried as to whether ticket sales would cover our fee, you could do it through Night Out and they would underwrite our fee. If you make a profit a proportion can be retained.

A representative of the community group registers as a “Promoter” with Night Out, and fills in a short form booking us. After the event, ticket money is sent to Night Out, even if substantially less than our fee. We invoice them, they pay us the full amount directly, and we submit a short feedback form as to how the event went, how well the venue suited the event and so on.

Night Out also publicise the event on their website, and will even print and send tickets.

We’ve now performed at several events using this scheme, and all has worked smoothly and satisfactorily for all involved and have been great nights.

The Night Out site is here

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