Saturday Night Freebie

Last Saturday we played for free for a charity ceilidh for Botanical Beats, which are the musical fundraising offshoot of the Treborth Botanic Gardens. This was a textbook example of effective organisation of a Ceilidh in support of a charity – talking to the organisers they had used the usual channels, but had also used facebook, myspace, the mailing list of Bangor Community Choir and a saturation poster campaign with clear, colourful, attractive and well designed posters in the Botanical Beats house style. This resulted in a seriously packed dancefloor – I’m told that the second half of the evening  new arrivals at the  venue were being told on the door that they wouldn’t be able to dance immediately, and would have to wait their turn, and only admitted if they indicated they were prepared to do this! Our caller Chris stopped calling a dance at one point and confided to the massed dancers that from up where he was the floor looked like a giant animated chrysanthemum – no, I don’t know what he was on either…


The venue had indicated they were happy with a reduced hire fee  (the bar takings were  good), so the evening made “well over £900”, with a proportion being donated to relief of the victims of the Haitian earthquake.


We had a great evening playing to the crowded and enthusiastic dancefloor – we started by giving a short rest after every two or three dances, but found that our in-between-dances sets were getting a committed reception from freestylers, so it was non stop from then on. We were joined by 12 year old Danny on fiddle for one of the tunes he had composed - and he sat in for another couple of sets – and by Norman playing Bodhran for the final few sets of the evening. The by-product of a crowded dancefloor is a great atmosphere, mayhem and magic in equal amounts.


Ahh, if you could only bottle it….




Update....the event made £945, of which £100 was donated to the Haitian disaster fund...full email from the organisers on the testamonials page.

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