More from the Musee de la Musique.

Jeremy SO wanted me to bring him back one of these from Paris - But at three and a half meters he just wouldn't have been able to get it in the car to go to gigs anyway...

available for celebrations aderyn prin ceilidg band play ceilidhs and barn dances - octobass picture from the musee de music

J B Vuillaume's Octobass, one of only 3 ever made. Played with levers and foot pedals.

barn dance and ceilidh band aderyn prin of north wales - octobass picture

You can read more about it on Wikepedia here and for instrument nerds, I can say it was very well made, with beautifully inlaid purfling, but without the superb varnish for which J B V was justly famous - varnish was evenly applied, but thin and opaque.


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