First time Circle Dancing

Following on from Pete's contribution last week about the circle dance from the Auvergne, J and I decided we would try this out for ourselves, as there was an evening of circle dancing being held in the village hall in Llangoed last Friday. Neither of us knew very much about circle dancing - or anything at all really, to be honest - apart from when a group from Brittany came over on an exchange visit many years ago, and we watched them dance very slowly to a bombard accompaniment! J was not impressed, so I had great difficulty even persuading him to try a whole evening of it!

However we were very pleasantly surprised and had a wonderful evening doing a huge variety of dances from all over the world. We had imagined that it would feel very slow in comparison with ceilidh dancing, but J soon found to his cost that some of the footwork is quite intricate and requires a very good memory. He dropped out of two of the dances and left me totally abandoned, but I have to admit that he wasn't the only one and there was a certain amount of free-style going on as well. But a great time was had by all. [ J is still trying to untangle his legs!] The music was lovely - a cast of thousands in the band - Mwah - including our very own Nial - on guitar this time. And several of the band were also members of the Bangor Community choir - to which we all also go - and they sang the most beautiful songs in several part harmony. Dancing to that was magic.


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