2009 Independent Music Awards best world traditional album

Last year Cass Meurig and I, who play together as a duo, were invited by Ceri Rhys Mathews to contribute a track to be included on an album for Smithsonian Folkways, the record label of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, USA. Called Blodeugerdd, it’s an antholgy of Welsh music

welsh traditional folk music compilation blodeugerdd cd


We went down to Pembroke and Ceri recorded our version of “Cerdd y Gog Lwydlas”, a song  collected in Conwy, just down the road from us. One or two other people we knew had been invited to contribute tracks, Jem Hammond and Christine Cooper, and some people we didn’t know but had heard of,  like Mary Hopkin and Max Boyce. With such an eclectic mix of contributors, we were very interested to see how it would turn out, and if Ceri's unique vision for the project would be vindicated.


I won’t pass any judgement, as it would be inappropriate as I’m so closely involved, but it received general critical approbation, and I recently heard it had won the prestigious 2009 Independent Music Awards best world traditional album.

Which was nice!




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