NODYN - Our fiddler Nial dons his guitar playing hat - with Cass Meurig.

Some months ago, the welsh language programme "Nodyn" did a very nice job of filming Nial and Cass playing - this was in connection with the cd Blodeugerdd winning the Independant Music Awards "Best Traditional World Album", which was reported in an earlier blog item.

This is their song from the Album, "Cerdd y Gog Lwydlas", the blue grey cuckoos song, preceded by the air "Caru yn y Coed" (Courting in the Woods) and followed by Lliw Lili ymysg y Drain (the  Colour of the  Lily amongst the Thorns). Nodyn intercut their playing very effectively with footage from the horse fair in Caffi Forest and more of the horses in the streets of Aberteifi.


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