the No 1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra

Annie, our accordionist, is now a fully paid up member of the No.1 Ladies Accordion
Orchestra!! To quote from their website:

“Karen Tweed is the mercurial, wacky and elegant English accordion queen, known
for her inspirational teaching and ground breaking collaborations.  Since deciding
to pursue a musical career in the late 1980s, Karen has risen to become one of the
leading lights on the UK and international folk scenes working with amongst others
Kathryn Tickell, The Poozies, Swap, Two Duos Quartet and May Monday.

Her latest adventure is The No 1 Ladies Accordion Orchestra, a fountain of fabulous
female accordionists, presenting arrangements that cascade effortlessly from
Piazzola to polskas; Stevie Wonder to Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye;
musettes and swing waltzes to tango.

This stunning new orchestra brings together accordion gals from all around the
UK with a shifting line-up of up to 16 performers as well as showcases by smaller
ensembles and soloists. It’s an orchestra the likes of which has never been seen or
heard before, promising fun, frocks and musical frolics!

“What Tweed has done is further liberate the piano accordion from the oompah band
stereotypes and demonstrate the instrument’s full melodicism.” Irish Echo”

Apparently it is not as frightening as it sounds! Accordions en masse can play
relatively quietly after all! She has been on two outings so far – one at Youlgreave
in Derbyshire, the second in Wickwar in Gloucestershire. Generally the weekends
follow a format of rehearsals all day Saturday with a concert in the evening, then
more rehearsals Sunday morning followed by a walk.

At the Wickwar weekend they gave a concert in the Arts Centre on the Saturday
evening, and the following day they were privileged to play in the Bristol Museum for
the unofficial opening of the new French Gallery, and even managed to get some of
the general public dancing!

The Orchestra hope to visit North Wales in the not too distant future so watch this
space and come and support them. If you are interested in knowing more join them

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